The GEOs Series


To save her mother’s life, Tylia is willing to sacrifice her own. Humanity is on the brink of extinction.

After being decimated by a deadly virus, Earth’s population was saved only by the genius of Farrow Corp. Now, the scientists in Farrow’s Labs work tirelessly to search for a cure to the genetic plague that has left everyone hiding below ground, suffering in fear.

Underground survival is dark and dank, an existence Tylia will do anything to escape in order to save her mother from the ravages of illness. So, the seventeen-year-old does what any loving daughter would: she hacks her way into the upcoming Acceptance trials so that she might face the infected world above. If she survives, her immunity guarantees her and her family a home in the Labs, and a renewed life for her mother.

But the world above is vastly different from what she’s been led to believe. When Tylia is rescued from the jaws of death during the trails by a handsome stranger, and discovers that Farrow Corp’s security forces are hunting her, everything she once believed about humanity’s chances for survival are flipped on their head.

Turns out, surviving the virus may be the least of Tylia’s concerns…


She survived the virus and the Acceptance trials.
But can she survive the lies.

Tylia Coder is the bridge between worlds. Born of the GEOs underground, she’s one of only two known victors of the Acceptance trials – a survival contest that promises to prevent infection from the GM virus that nearly wiped out humanity decades ago. Now with precious antibodies in her blood, she may finally hold the key to finding a cure.

Leaving her dark home in the GEOS behind as well as her blossoming relationship with Skylar Two, Tylia is determined to invoke change as she moves up to the Greens – an area in the Labs with floating sky cities, bright lights and lush forestry. But the life she envisioned living here is far from the reality she faces on arrival.

Access to information is restricted. Questions she asks are left unanswered. Communication with her family in the GEOS is cut off. And someone’s spreading lies about the Rejs, a group of outlaws living on the surface, who now claim her as one of their own.

Worst of all, members of the Farrow family are tormenting those who threaten their way of life. And when Tylia is overheard defending the Rejs, the Farrow’s set their vicious sights on her. To shield herself from yet another “accidental death” in the Labs, she has no choice but to accept a partnership proposal from the only Farrow willing to befriend her, the too-perfect Ben.

But Tylia soon realizes she’ll need to act fast if she’s to save not only herself and her loved ones in the Rejs and the GEOs, but what also remains of the human race.


They thought the virus had been eradicated—but it was only the beginning. Now the race is on.

The rebel forces are hitting BioPure from all sides, but memory depletion is spreading rapidly as the virus New Zero takes hold of the populace.

Lora Flannigan is a full-on rebel now, having thrown herself into helping her biological father develop a cure for the new outbreak that holds her parents in its grip. With her genetically altered perfect recall, Lora’s brain holds the blueprint for a permanent cure.

But the Rebellion’s not the only group seeking the cure.

At the same time, a series of disastrous raids cripple the rebellion’s attempts at countering the virus’s devastating memory effects, and their only hope is to combine forces with a traitor. But trust is a precious commodity that flows both ways—and BioPure always has ulterior motives.

When disaster strikes twice, the race for the cure shifts into overdrive. Now everything hinges on Lora’s perfect memory.

And in this race, there are no points for second place.